SONTEC sensors – Only the best is good enough

For almost 25 years SONTEC Sensorbau GmbH in Lennestadt/NRW has been developing application-specific sensors for various industries, i.e. the solar and heating equipment, medical and laboratory equipment, apparatus engineering, food & pharmaceutical and mechanical engineering industries.  As an OEM we are a system supplier to reputed companies.  

The secret of our success? With qualified employees and an extraordinary production depth, our owner-run company is highly flexible both in terms of its customer support and the production process. Thanks to the modular structure of the our sensors, we can address the individual needs of our customers, which means that we can meet your requirements quickly and efficiently.

The current portfolio includes:

  •          Temperature sensors
  •          Capacitive and conductive filling level/level switches
  •          Conductive and inductive conductivity sensors
  •          Process adapters
  •          Evaluation electronics
  •          System components
  •          Special solutions (VIP)
Development and administration building SONTEC
Which type of sensor do you need?

SONTEC - High-performing team with exceptional skills

Our growing team, now totalling 100, works hand-in-hand to inspire our customers with optimised sensor products. A large number of realised projects and regular training courses ensure a high level of expertise in the fields of development, production and system integration in the customer processes. 

Our internal development company SONDEV comes up with new ideas and technological solutions for many requirements. Our main development field comprises sensors with active electronics and analogue or filed bus connections.  These and other products are produced by the technological production company SONTEC.
SONDIS GmbH joined SONTEC in January 2003 are is responsible for sales. In the future, SONDIS will assume all sales of SONTEC standard products and also service customers with additional products from the measuring, control and regulation equipment range. 

With the development company (SONDEV), production company (SONTEC) and sales company (SONDIS) we have a high-performing organisational structure that allows us to service our customers in a targeted and punctual manner.