Benefit from the expertise SONTEC!

Labelling and marking

Products under your name

As an OEM we develop, produce and ship specified sensor technologies to a growing clientele of reputed companies. We will brand these customised solutions as specified with your logo, type designation etc. including the individual packaging.

Customised solutions for you

Maintaining a competent dialogue is important to us and is the foundation for every development process. From this stage, we realise the various sensor solutions and accompany our customers through the planning phase up to series maturity, be it for small quantities or large series.

Custom manufacturing
Proven quality

From the test to series maturity

To ensure absolute quality and security, we continuously test the sensor systems we produce, from the prototype phase through the zero-series phase and series production. To do this, we invest constantly in state-of-the-art measuring and test equipment. The insights gained are immediately incorporated into the production process.  

Innovative in-house engineering

The engineers at our development company SONDEV are marked by their innovative power and interdisciplinary expertise and the fact that they never lose sight of cost transparency and efficiency. They are specialised in measuring equipment sensors, automation, industrial electronics and building equipment.


SONDEV developments
Our logistics centre

Perfect distribution and logistics

We supply customers across the world with SONTEC solutions via our sales organisation SONDIS. True to the motto 'everything from one source', we procure additional measuring, control and regulation products from reputed manufacturers and deliver functional systems on time.

Mechanical quality standards

CNC processing of prototypes, the robot-supported production of series components and the professional assembly of products and assemblies, including extensive testing options, guarantee optimised sensor technology.


Unique series components