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We leave nothing to chance

Excellent goods are never just a product of chance, they are always the result of a quality-conscious approach.

Innovative engineering, constructive development, clever production equipment and an extensive testing system are necessary to ensure that technical products, particularly if they are tailor-made, function reliably.

Extensive documentation is a matter of course for SONTEC, not just for certification reasons, or as the basis for certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001. 

Our internal development company SONDEV works closely with our customers' own experts. This cooperation produces practice-oriented products that have proven very reliable in various processes.

Thanks to long-standing partnerships with reliable suppliers, we are able to use the best materials and technologies to ensure the success of our customers. For instance, we use high-quality materials for food equipment that satisfy the specifications of the FDA, EHEDG and 3A.

We meet the strictest of your requirements

  •          Full traceability of all materials
  •          Roughness tests
  •          Delta-ferrite tests
  •          Optical endoscope tests
  •          Automatic temperature cycle tests
  •          Pressure tests
  •          Leak tests
  •          Spot checks
  •          Thermal shock and long-term tests
  •          Thermal response time tests
  •          Calibrations for temperature sensors
  •          Insulation measurements
  •          High-voltage tests
  •          100% routine testing

We are a member of EHEDG

We are certified to ISO 9001


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