Heating / solar equipment
SONTEC temperature sensors set standards in the heating and solar equipment field, and are used in many oil and gas heaters of reputed manufacturers in customised versions. Global radiation sensors installed in solar and photovoltaic systems improve the performance balance.
Machine / device construction
The machine and device construction sector requires a number of different sensors to ensure reliable and fast measurement of temperatures. Here SONTEC offers individual solutions created with its modular system that stands out thanks to its security and efficiency. Construction sizes and connection cables are made to measure depending on customer requirements.
Food industry
The food industry has very strict hygiene requirements. SONTEC sensors are installed to measure temperatures, filling levels and limit levels in pipes and tanks precisely and reliably even for highly viscous or particulate matter. Only FDA-approved materials are used. The process connections are EHEDG-conform.
Medical / laboratory equipment
These sectors are highly sensitive in terms of e.g. hygiene and measuring accuracy. SONTEC develops and produces these tailor-made sensors to satisfy the installation and application requirements. One example of our innovative spirit is a special sleep sensor that is used in sleeping laboratories.
Pharmaceutical industry
Cleanliness, high process temperatures and viscosities, which range from fluid to creamy, are parameters for the production of pharmaceutical products. In addition to the temperature sensors, many systems are equipped with SONTEC conductivity sensors that are designed to detect product changes and phase separation e.g. after cleaning processes.
Railway technology
Systems for modern railway systems are subject to strict international standards. With durability, vibration resistance and reliability in different climatic environmental conditions, the SONTEC sensor solutions are distinguished for this demanding area of application.
Aerospace industry
The aerospace industry - more than any other industry - demands a high degree of reliability, durability and serviceability for all systems. SONTEC rises to this challenge with special sensor solutions.