Pharmaceutical industry
Cleanliness, high process temperatures and viscosities, which range from fluid to creamy, are parameters for the production of pharmaceutical products. In addition to the temperature sensors, many systems are equipped with SONTEC conductivity sensors that are designed to detect product changes and phase separation e.g. after cleaning processes.
Product categories in Pharmaceutical industry
Measuring temperatures precisely is SONTEC's domain. Our standard solutions can cover the range from -30°C to +400°C. According to our customers' wishes, we develop tailor-made sensors for complex applications.
These SONTEC sensors guarantee precise recording of data measured in food or pharmaceutical production systems. The use of stainless steel and PEEK satisfies the strict hygiene requirements.
Limit level
The limit levels in different fluid processes are determined precisely using various SONTEC sensors, e.g. to fill tanks correctly or recognise when pipes are empty.
Process adapter
Whatever the sensor and installation case, SONTEC develops and produces process adapters in its own facilities for your application - in line with general standards or to customer specifications.
System components
Matching to the SONTEC sensors, we also offer a wide range of associated components such as cables, adapters or the SONVIS software that is used to configure our sensors to the optimum.
Evaluation electronics
SONTEC acts as a system supplier of sensors and evaluation electronics with which measuring data can be analysed, documented and archived quickly and easily by computer.