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January 2015

SONTEC sensors in use at Hochwald - Tested under tough field conditions

HUNGEN (wl) – A genuine win-win situation is emerging from the long-standing cooperation between milk processor Hochwald and sensor manufacturer SONTEC: Innovative sensor technology is being put through its paces under the extreme conditions in which a food manufacturer operates. Joint system developments are being driven forward on the basis of the findings. Conductivity sensor for good-value-formoney phase and product monitoring The new conductivity sensor CPS-7 is undergoing test runs at Hochwald; this sensor was designed to detect product changes and for phase separation in plants in the food and pharma industries. It uses the conductive measurement principle in measuring ranges from 1 μS to 15,000 μS/cm, with response times below 0.5 s. Consequently, the CPS-7 performs extremely accurate and reliable measurements even with highly viscous or lumpy media which, depending on the sector, may be present in the plants. It works at 24 VDC and on the output side makes 4…20 mA or PNP signals available. Also new is the model ICS-8 which, thanks to optimised flow geometry and very rapid response times are ideally suited to phase separation, product detection and measurement of the media concentration in CIP plants. The sensor offers excellent precision even at low conductivity values or very low flow rates. Its range of measurement lies between 0 and 999 mS/cm. “We are able to parameterise the measurement ranges, conductivity and the four temperature ranges easily using the free SONVIS software”, says Uwe Dralle.

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