Das SONTEC-Vertriebsteam: (v. links n. rechts) Thomas Tobisch (Leitung Vertrieb), Peter Raabe (Key Account), Jörg Hoffmann (Vertrieb Außendienst), Julian-Maximilian Opitz (Vertrieb Innendienst)
Das SONTEC-Team: (v. links n. rechts) Jochen Mester (Key Account), Julian-Maximilian Opitz (Vertrieb Innendienst), Jörg Hoffmann (Vertrieb Außendienst), Thomas Tobisch (Leitung Vertrieb), Patrick Sonntag
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March 2017

SONTEC and SONDEV present themselves successfully at world leading trade fair ISH

The first participation of SONTEC and SONDEV at the world leading fair for building, energy- and climate technologies ISH in Frankfurt has been successful. The engagement oft he Sontec-Sales-team around Thomas Tobisch (head of sales) has been worth it: There was lots of new contacts as well as deepening discussions with existing customers.

The main focus had been the innovations of Sontec Sensorbau with topics of modern living: Digital Home and Smart Home as well as the expertise of the development team SONDEV GmbH concerning special solutions.

SONTEC already has got interesting products like the solar irradiation sensor GIR-7. With this sensor the efficience of solar systems can be increased. SONTEC also has realized a brand-new housing for outside sensors TP1094 for temperature sensors. These sensors have been presented prominentely in Frankfurt.

„Besides from requests from Germany there are also many international companies, e.g. from Australia, Japan or the US trying to go into intensive cooperation with us.“, says head of sales Thomas Tobisch.

In total the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt was a success: More than 200.000 visitors, about 40% international, have had the chance to inform themselves at 2.482 exhibitors from 61 countries within the 5 days of exhibition.