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January 2018

SONTEC Hygienic Design certified by EHEDG

The Sontec HPC- System (Hygienic Peek Connect) is a successful combination of special designed G1/2“ weld-in-sleeves in combination with capacitive level sensors CAS-7 and CAS-8. The gap-free and clean mounting is certified by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG). EHEDG is a group of suppliers for food products, food-processing companies, reserach centres and institutions of public health. Since 1989 EHEDG is supporting all the hygienic practices in production and packaging and EHEDG is certifying the products which can be used in the corresponding processes.

Different levels of liquids can be detected precisely in tanks and tubing systems with Sontec level sensor CAS-8. The CAS-8 is applicable in media with different viscosity starting from thin-fluid to pasty. It can be used to detect full and empty levels as well as a dry-run-protection. For standrad-applications Sontec can offer CAS-7, which is a compact level sensor with similar features. Both sensors are designed for process temperatures 0…100/130°C max with a maximum of 10 bar. Product adherences, e.g. by ketchup or mustard which can always be possible in process do not have a falsifying influence on the measuring value.