Measuring temperatures precisely is SONTEC's domain. Our standard solutions can cover the range from -30°C to +400°C. According to our customers' wishes, we develop tailor-made sensors for complex applications.
Immersion sensor
Immersion sensor for measuring temperatures up to +400°C on surfaces and in immersion sleeves with 2, 3 and 4-wire equipment
Contact sensor
Contact sensor for measuring temperatures on round surfaces and pipes with various attachments
Plug-in sensor
Plug-in sensor for measuring temperatures in system sleeves for vapour-tight applications in hygienic processes
Screw-in sensor
Screw-in sensor with various process connections for hygienic and non-hygienic use
Process sensor
Temperature sensors with various process connections for hygienic and aseptic use (EHEDG-conform)
Modular temperature system (MTS)
MTS - the variable and efficient solution for measuring temperatures in various industries